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We measure your activity and use it to attract resources.

Think of what you do each day: calls, texts, emails, messages, connections. The path you wage through every day leaves a trail. We call this trail your kScore™, and we use it to help you get the financing you deserve.

A simple two-step process

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Get a kScore™

We use your kScore™ to determine eligibility for financing. Your kScore™ is created by looking at the strength of your network, things like social network and email activity as well as phone records.

Affordable financing rates that leave profit in your pocket.

Increase your capability to do bigger deals without cash flow issues or profit destroying financing terms.

Gain a finance partner who can grow with you and your needs.

Every deal you do with us strengthens our ability to work with you.

Without Kountable
With Kountable
  • Profit retained by Entrepreneur*
  • Cost of financing**

Getting started with kountable in three easy steps.

Deal Submission

After logging in, tell us about a deal you'd like help with by completing our deal submission form.

Business & Trade Details

After our Operations Team assesses your deal, we'll ask you for a few details.

Funding Finalization

If everything looks good, we'll get the final papers signed and your deal will be under way!

The process usually takes about 2 weeks from start to finish. The timeline may fluctuate based on the number of deals we're reviewing. We'll keep you posted along the way to let you know what to expect.
"Within one month of working with kountable we were able to hire more employees and are on track to hit a target increase of 65% year over year growth. Working with kountable has increased the confidence of my customers and encouraged us to go after opportunities we previously would not have considered."
Fabrice ShemaManaging Director, Africa Medical Supplier

Patrick Higiro talks about how kountable is helping grow his medical business.

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