Kountable is affordable financing for your trade deals.

Are you an established entrepreneur with a great reputation, great suppliers, and great customers who needs financing?

Get financing for your open invoices and trade deals in as little as 3 days through Kountable. Download the free app today and tell us about your deal!

“Within one month of working with Kountable we were able to hire more employees and are on track to hit a target increase of 65% year over year growth. Working with Kountable has increased the confidence of my customers and encouraged us to go after opportunities we previously would not have considered.”

Managing Director, Africa Medical Supplier
Financed $500,000 for medical trade deal

“The only choice we had before Kountable was a black market lender which costs 24% per month minimum.  When I discovered Kountable I could not believe that they could offer funding at only 2% per month! We started redoing projects and we are excited with how much we are making now. We have made good profits without the stress we used to experience.”

Owner, IT supplies
Financed $30,000 for computer labs and printing systems

How Kountable is different

Kountable is unique in that we are active partners in all the deals we finance. From directly paying the supplier to collecting from the buyer, Kountable works with you to ensure the smoothest possible transaction at the lowest risk to both of us.

rugero-medPatrick Higiro talks about how Kountable is helping grow his medical business.

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Getting started is easy.


Download the free app

The Kountable app walks you through the entire process easily and securely, from deal submission to trade. Available on both iOS and Android!

Connect your social networks

Your business day is made up of calls, texts, emails, messages, and social networks.  We use this trail that you leave as an entrepreneur to measure your reputation so we can offer you financing faster and more affordably than ever before.

Tell us about your deal

Submit some details about your deal and monitor your approval and funding process through the Kountable app – that’s it!  The app will notify you when your deal has been approved, and be your guide when it is time to execute the deal.


Privacy & security first.

Kountable uses multi-step bank-level security to ensure that your business and deal information are completely encrypted.  We work with the world’s most reputable financial security institutions to maintain the highest security standards.

The Kountable benefit

What difference can Kountable make to your business? Here is a comparison between Kountable and traditional financing.  Both are $100,000 deals where the cost of goods is $30,000 and the term of the financing is 3 months.

Cost of financing and profit without Kountable
Cost of financing and profit WITH Kountable
Cost of goods
Cost of financing
Your profit
$100,000 TOTAL DEAL SIZE $100,000
$30,000 COST OF GOODS $30,000
$10,000 YOUR PROFIT $64,000

How can Kountable do this?

By using technology to look at your social network connections, we are able to see crucial indicators about your business. We use this data in addition to your deal information to get you funded. Better data means greater confidence. Greater confidence equals access to financing that you’ve never had before.