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Kountable consolidates and accelerates the clearance, settlement, conveyance and fulfillment of global trade. Get access to emerging markets with complete supply chain transparency. Gain invaluable customer insight.


Entrepreneurs: Grow your business

Kountable’s community of elite suppliers receive total trade support in procurement, financing, insurance and logistics. Get access to top-quality goods in healthcare, ICT and construction. Utilize the support of an experienced global trade team in the completion of your project or tender.


Streamline procurement

Kountable brings better sourcing, pricing and transparent, real-time supply chain management for more effective and efficient execution of projects in healthcare, technology, infrastructure and construction.

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Why is Kountable Creating the worlds most inclusive supply chains?

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Kountable helps with the sourcing, pricing, currency management, logistics, and project management you need to successfully deliver on your next project or tender.

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Kountable allows us to further our competitive advantage and enhance our vision.
Venantie Mukarivuze
Founder, Biopharmacia Co. LTD