About us

We're a global trade and technology platform that unlocks the value of the world's best SMEs

Kountable multiplies the execution capability of high-performing, underserved entrepreneurs with enterprise-grade data, transparency, trade management, risk reduction, reporting and access, to bring game-changing opportunities to corporates, central governments, banks, investors, foundations and MLIs.

Our guiding principles

Kountable's mission, vision and purpose drive us to think differently about how we create value for everyone on our platform. Here are some of the core principles that shape our approach.

Good actors earn greater access

We believe in working with those who act in ways that help us succeed together.

Do what you do best and free up others to do what they do best

We start by recognizing strengths and their potential to contribute to something much bigger and build to allow this to happen.

Small businesses are not small business.

There is immeasurable value, economic and otherwise, in integrating the world’s SMEs into the global economy in ways that allow their impact to be seen at scale.

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Our Leadership

Chris Hale

CEO & Co-founder

Catherine Nomura

President & Co-founder

Herb Kelsey


Maika Hemphill

Chief Revenue Officer

Joel Onodera

VP of Finance

Jed Ritchey

General Counsel

The Last word...

because we wouldn't be us without people like this.

"Kountable allows us to further our competitive advantage and enhance our vision"

Venantie Mukarivuze

Managing Director, Biopharmacia Co Ltd
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