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Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs at Kountable

For Women’s Day on March 8, 2019, Kountable is highlighting these incredible women entrepreneurs who we’re honored to call our partners. Every day, these women do the impossible – balance careers with families, scale their businesses while contributing to the growth of their local economies and take risks to breaks norms. In short: they are changing this world and for the better. They are finding solutions to problems in their communities; they are writing rulebooks where there were none before. They are disrupters, game-changers, innovators and role models. Discover their stories here and their legacies in the making.

Passion Profit

Nairobi, Kenya
: Frida Owinga

“I did a lot of professional development there that strengthened my skills around coaching, mentoring, small business management and nurturing people,” said Owinga. “Then in 2009, I started feeling that all this is great, but I think it’s needed more at home than here. I started thinking of how to come home and give back to my country.”

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Kigali, Rwanda
: Venantie Mukarivuze
“I thought, why not create a small company? At least, I would make sure that quality products would be delivered. My company relies on quality and, since I am a nurse, I am demanding it.”

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Kigali, Rwanda
: Angeline Wibabara
: Angeline Wibabara’s Kigali-based company ATIC is both an agritech company and a consultancy, and currently works in four Rwandan provinces. Their beekeeping business is special to Ms. Wibabara, a former government worker who aims to build a successful, profitable business and also empower others to create viable businesses of their own.

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Petoma Works Limited

Nairobi, Kenya
Caroline Mukiri Kiambi
: “We are a service-oriented company,” says Caroline Mukiri Kiambi, who is among Petoma’s directors as well as its chief administrator. “We supply end-to-end solutions to clients, meaning we can do design; we do design of buildings, design of roads, design of structures like warehouses, community-based projects like churches [and] schools. Our products are basically services; we offer services in the construction industry.”

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