You can still sign up for Kountable using your mobile phone and provide your email data to receive a kScore™ based on the data extracted from your calling and messaging patterns. Adding social media sites gives us a richer, more multi-dimensional picture, but is not absolutely necessary.

Kountable takes your privacy very seriously. To secure the data you are providing us through your social network logins, we have partnered with Gigya, a firm that provides maximum security, constantly updated, for your data. We know you’re trusting us with a lot of personal information and we will never share your personal details with anyone else or use them for purposes other than calculating and refining your kScore™ and the overall kScore™ algorithm, helping you to improve your kScore™ and helping you to get financing, with your permission. Email credentials and phone records you submit to us will also be treated with great care to preserve privacy and confidentiality. We’ve partnered with Box.com, the leader in cloud storage and file sharing to facilitate this process. The security protocols Box uses to secure your data are strong enough that they work with 95% of the fortune 500. As we will be evolving our systems during this pilot phase, please feel free to ask us if you’d like more details about how we are keeping various parts of your data secure and private.