ESG, SDG and CSR Data is Kountable’s “Digital Exhaust” and close to our hearts

ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors have become increasingly important in business decision making, investment and finance. ESG, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  have proven not only ethical, but profitable and hence have become interesting to a wide swath of the business community. Kountable will become the first source of ESG data at scale on transactions involving SMEs.

We’re proud to say that every trade Kountable has ever done has contributed to at least two of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Kountable was born out of a desire to better integrate small and medium enterprise (SME) owners into the global economy. We built our proof of concept in East Africa, and based on our business model, every project we’ve completed has met SDG 8 for promoting economic growth as well as SDG 17 for providing goals-focused partnership through private investment. Most projects contribute to more than two SDGs on the United Nations’ list.

1 - No poverty

Kountable purchases Lenovo laptops for the Rwanda Development Board to be delivered to the country's Supreme Court and the Workforce Development Authority (WDA).

2 - Zero hunger

In Malawi, Kountable supplies the chemicals Lufenuron and Emamectin Benzoate that serve as pesticides to promote healthy crop growth and control worms and mites in fish farming.

3 - Good health and wellbeing

Rwanda Biomedical Center is in need of rapid testing kits for malaria. Kountable facilitates purchase through local SME from Standard Diagnostics out of South Korea.

4 - Quality education

SD cards purchased by Kountable for The UK's Educational Development Trust are delivered throughout Rwanda with cellphones in order for teachers to access training materials without internet.

5 - Gender equality

In the aim of furthering women's education, ASUS computers are bought from CAVA Consulting in the United States of America for an all girls' school in Rwanda.

6 - Clean water and sanitation

Helping to provide clean water to Rwandans, Kountable buys steel pipes from Tanzania for a hydropower plant.

7 - Affordable and clean energy

For the Rwandan government, Kountable purchases automatic tire changers and electrical equipment from the M&B Engineering in Italy.

8 - Decent work and economic growth

Every one of Kountable's trades support Decent Work and Economic Growth since the company partners with SMEs to complete large projects, helping to grow their client's business.

9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Kountable purchases plumbing equipment (a steam, cold and hot water system) for Kenyatta Teaching Research & Referral Hospital in order to clean and sanitize all cloth from the facility.

10 - Reduced inequalities

Kountable supports local SMEs in emerging economies to complete large contracts from government agencies, multilateral institutions or corporations that would otherwise be outsourced, and fail to return funds into the country’s tax base.

11 - Sustainable cities and communities

Kenya's Electricity Generating Company is in need of numerical protection relays which Kountable buys from GE Grid Solutions in France.

12 - Responsible consumption and production

Kountable reduces production waste by helping SMEs purchase top quality products that last longer and are also maintained by a local workforce that is familiar with that particular equipment.

13 - Climate action

Kountable buys beekeeping equipment for World Vision which trains Rwandans to use raise bees and extract honey product. Beekeeping preserves the environment and is an alternative to deforestation practices with farming.

14 - Life below water

Yamaha spare parts are required for Lake Kivu Monitoring Program's boats whose spare parts are being replaced are used for the energy security management.

15 - Life on land

Kountable buys GPS software for the Kenya Wildlife Services which is the state-owned corporation in charge of conversation and management of wildlife in Kenya.

16 - Peace, justice and strong institutions

Many of Kountable's projects support government institutions with IT and software goods as well as upgrades to systems that promote security and efficiency.

17 - Partnerships for the goals

All of Kountable's projects involve other partners integral in the trade -- an end payer purchasing the goods from a global supplier and the SME involved that is responsible for completing the project.

A natural product of our system of record for trade involving SMEs is the ability to generate ESG, SDG and CSR-relevant data points for SMEs previously invisible to the global trade network. This data can be consumed by the ESG teams of our corporate, government, foundation, NGO and banking partners to support greater investment and deal flow to SME trade, and to allow organizations to get validated credit for the impact of working with local small and medium-sized enterprises.

Please contact us for more information on Kountable’s unique SME data set and how to access it.