KLEAR is Kountable’s supply chain visibility and treasury management product. Enterprise members can access KLEAR through our cloud platform and subscribe to status updates, financial events, milestone completion and state transitions to monitor progress, evaluate risk management processes, and demonstrate effectiveness to dynamically match and forecast supply and demand. KLEAR is designed to aggregate inputs from the Kountable Trade Cloud, Kountable Treasury Cloud, Kountable Fulfillment Network and Kountable Capital Solutions and reconcile them every 24 hours to deliver clear and actionable insights to program stakeholders.


Programmatic market shaping for healthcare supply chains

KLEAR Health helps trusted global brands improve sales in growth markets while delivering improved patient outcomes and health equity. In addition, KLEAR can help donors and large buyers of healthcare diagnostics, vaccines, therapeutics, consumables and equipment ensure they are procuring top quality goods at the best prices when they need them.

  • Sales proven outcomes
  • Quality assurance
  • Price Improvement


Digital Treasury/Payment Factory to safely and efficiently run the money end to end for supply chains that include big and small players

Corporate treasurers need real-time data at their fingertips to optimize cash flow and allocation across global lines of business. 

KLEAR Treasury brings visibility to: 

  • Distributors
  • Sales reps
  • Overseas sales channels


  • Improve demand forecasting 
  • Shorten cash conversion cycles
  • Streamline order-to-pay cycles


A more inclusive insurance program to remove the risk from successfully working with small suppliers and contractors working on Kountable's platform, underwritten with KLEAR data

KLEAR Surety digitizes project execution to improve project completion rates and enhance access to surety bonding. 

  • Issuers have better visibility to manage risk and improve claims processes.
  • Obligees have better visibility into project completion and necessary intervention to keep projects on track
  • Obligors have Kountable support to get the job done


Building the world's most inclusive supply chains with real-time transparency and auditability. A comprehensive solution to help large project owners deliver on inclusion and supplier diversity mandates.

KLEAR Inclusion leverages the power of the Kountable network to:

  • Expand diverse supplier populations 
  • Resource them to win  
  • Prove success with realtime data & analytics.

To enable corporations to gain, retain and grow diverse suppliers.

MBE/MWE/SDVBEs can also rely on KLEAR Inclusion to help them win and scale.


Measuring, matchmaking and delivering ESG and sustainable supply chain data and compliant investment opportunities to organizations and asset owners with sustainability and diversity mandates.

KLEAR Sustainability delivers the data to prove that corporate procurement is aligned with sustainability and social responsibility initiatives. Kountable's dynamic mapping engine maps products to purpose and aligns purchasing and procurement behavior with ESG/SDG and CSR frameworks, delivering customizable real-time analytics and reporting.


Supply chain vetting down to the smallest players, combining KLEAR data with other world class AML/KYC tools.

KLEAR Risk brings institutional compliance and digital policy enforcement to the last mile. Compliance is built on transparency and mapping the connections, behaviors, and adherence of trade counter-parties throughout the lifecycle of the trade, improving governance and policy-driven workflows.


Enter or grow markets and build a strong, supported distributor network through Kountable's network of trusted local supplier members. Low cost, low risk and you can do it from your desktop.

KLEAR Markets provides granular, validated, auditable data and insights to see and drive:

  • Demand generation
  • Demand forecasting
  • Importer of record
  • Talent search
  • Collections
  • Settlement
  • Currency services