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Business is hard right now. We can help.

With markets disrupted and good contracts harder to come by, it’s more important than ever to make the most of every opportunity. Kountable activates a world of resources, intelligence and expertise on your behalf  to build your projects better, reduce risk and make them more attractive to funders in our network and more profitable for you. Working with top suppliers, buyers, service providers and funders, we can help you turn "no" into "yes" and "yes" into "let's do it again" in the areas that matter most to your success.

Average Expected Margin for a Kountable Member's first deal:
$93,334 USD*
Average number of trades per year/member: 3
*Actual data based on the first deals Kountable has funded and worked on for 119 members through our platform.

Win More Contracts

Our team starts by working with you at the bidding stage to source top quality products at highly competitive pricing for attractive quotes that win contracts. Savings from this stage alone on a single trade can more than pay for the cost of an annual membership.

Average Gross Margin for Kountable members (actual data based on x trades)
First Trade: $75,000
Average Trade: $83,000
Trades per Year: 3

Activate the Kountable Network and Execute Contracts Smoothly

Kountable’s established relationships with quality suppliers, logistics providers, customs clearance agents, and other trade service providers bring a team of trusted pros to your projects. Our project managers and mobile and web apps are there to set you up for success and guide you through every step of execution.

A World of Experts at your Fingertips

Becoming a member gives you access to all of Kountable’s experience and resources. At Pro and Premium levels our expert Trade Consultants will learn about your business goals and the deals in your pipeline and actively work to get them done.

Take the Lid off your Growth

With Kountable Capital Solutions, your business growth is not limited by how much collateral you have or the size of your balance sheet, only by your vision and your ability to execute. We’re here to help you do more projects and bigger projects to increase your profits, grow your reputation and accomplish your biggest goals.

Kountable helped this SME grow by 177% in one year over the course of 6 projects.

Working with Kountable gives you three things


The solutions you’ve been looking for to do more business and grow your profits and reputation.


A simpler, less stressful way to win and manage trade projects. Kountable lets you focus on what you do best while we handle the rest.


Access to world class suppliers, funders and buyers in Kountable’s trust network who are looking for quality local partners. We help them find and work with you.

Working with Kountable has increased the confidence of my customers and encouraged us to go after opportunities we previously would not have considered."

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