Preferred pricing on blood glucose monitors, test strips and lancets to Kenyan buyers


The Kountable-FIND Partnership pilot program is offering an opportunity for medical suppliers in the Kenyan market to sell quality branded blood glucose monitoring products from some of the world’s top manufacturers at highly attractive prices to their customers in government, private hospitals, pharmacies, multilateral institutions and other large buyers in Kenya. This preferred pilot pricing is made possible by a collaboration between the manufacturers, Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) and Kountable, and applies to blood glucose monitoring kits, test strips and lancets. 

Kountable is reaching out to Kenyan medical suppliers interested in being able to offer this preferred pricing on blood glucose monitoring products to their customers or use it for bidding on competitive contracts or tenders. In addition to the preferred pricing offered by the manufacturers, Kountable will extend the advantages of its Trader Services through a membership on Kountable’s mobile and web-based platform to every pilot participant to meaningfully reduce the costs and complexity of logistics, insurance, trade management and everything required to land the goods in Kenya, including access to funding for trades through Kountable Capital Solutions. The combination of pricing and Kountable’s services should provide opportunities for local suppliers to offer attractive pricing to their customers while maintaining sustainable margins. 

The pilot will run until late May 2021, and expressions of interest, purchase orders or contracts secured in that time by local suppliers participating in the pilot will be eligible for fulfillment at the pilot pricing for up to 5 years including the option to purchase additional strips on a rolling basis. If you are interested in applying to join  the pilot, please contact Kountable and our team will be pleased to walk you through the simple requirements for participation and provide details on the pricing and specific products available to your company.