July 20, 2020
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How can I get more deals funded through Kountable?


Short answer: Submit more deals, even ones you’re not sure will get funded, even ones you think someone else may fund, and especially, even deals that are still in the preliminary stages. They all help!

Here’s why:

  • Kountable is a demand-driven network. Funders join our platform based on the unmet demand in our pipeline, and that means deals you have that need funding. Quite simply, this means that the more deals our members submit (even if we don’t fund them), the more funding becomes available for all members. 
  • Part of the reason Kountable moved to a membership model is because it more accurately reflects this reality of an ongoing collaboration with our members to bring resources into the system. We want all your deals to come through the platform so they can be Kounted. There is no obligation to use us to fund your deal just because we did some work on it with you. That’s what your membership fees help cover. Also, we may be able to help at the bidding stage by providing better suppliers or pricing. This is also part of what your membership covers, regardless of whether you end up doing the deal through Kountable or not. 
  • Kountable says “yes” to many more deals than banks or other funders do, however, historically we have rejected more than 90% of all deals submitted. Nonetheless, these deals have helped everyone on the platform (yes, even the rejected ones!) because they have demonstrated the demand to our partners and allowed us to strike deals with them that benefit all resellers and make more trades fundable (and already fundable trades more profitable for you!) Kountable Capital Solutions was created because we could prove this unmet demand and attract a variety of new funders to address it, providing many more funding options for your trades going forward. Even more are waiting to jump in, but they need to see that you have deals that need to get done.

A Tip on How to Use the Kountable Platform to Win: It only takes a few minutes to create a deal and upload basic documents through our web or mobile app. Doing this with every deal you start, as a habit, will increase your success on the platform and increase the platform’s ability to help you. Our best and most successful traders are the ones who have submitted the most trades, and also, you may be surprised to hear, often the ones who’ve had the most trades rejected! 

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