July 8, 2020
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How does the Kountable Trade Cloud help my business?


Kountable Trade Cloud is a portfolio of applications designed to enhance your global trading capabilities by bringing your trading business into the cloud, magnifying the collaboration of your team and enhancing your expertise with Kountable’s trade network and talented and experienced trade consulting professionals. Kountable’s Trade Cloud is a global collaboration engine combining deal sourcing and structuring, financial approvals and controls, group chat, document management and viewing controls, KYC approvals and controls, project management capabilities, Treasury Cloud, e-signature, legal support and controls, cloud reporting, analytics, and portfolio management capabilities. The Trade Cloud is what makes Kountable unlike any other solution for your business. Funding happens because of the trade cloud, suppliers plug in because of the trade cloud, and banks, funds, and governments work directly with Kountable because of the trade cloud.

We extend these capabilities to our members at all levels because the trade cloud makes you better at what you do. The capabilities that come through this collaboration engine help you move from Basic to Pro to Premium and grow your business exponentially at every step.  

The technology extends your digital footprint across the globe and extends your team into the United States, Europe, and neighboring African countries. This technology was built to bring transparency to a critical set of non-digital business processes and turn a “no” into a “yes” and then a “let’s do it again.” Kountable can do what no other company can do because we are not processing loans based on banking regulations or individual credit scores. Instead, we’re funding technology-enabled global trading transactions managed by a talented global team. That is the mission of Kountable’s Trade Cloud.

Why Mobile?

Through years of working with our Members, we’ve learned that entrepreneurs engaged in trade are mobile business people. They work in the field, they manage deliveries, they do installation and work directly with their end customers on acceptance and payment. This is why we put global trade in your pocket with our mobile applications. All of our global capabilities are right there when you need them no matter where you are. Some of the “audiences” interested in what you’re doing, like manufacturers and funders (such as funds and banks) really value seeing trades unfold in real time. Manufacturers like to know when goods are cleared, forwarded, delivered and accepted, and funders like to know where the equipment that they bought through the platform (they call it collateral) is, at every step of the way. This is how we can turn a “no” into a “yes” and then into a “let’s do it again.”

Who is looking at the reporting?

Kountable has invested heavily in ensuring that governance, risk management and compliance are core to our global trading process. This focus has attracted the attention of global groups like the CDC, the United States Development Finance Corporation, the United Nations, Philips and other OEMS, and banks like Ecobank, Standard Chartered, Equity Bank and Silicon Valley Bank. We create an environment that is transparent but also committed to data privacy and data governance. We have spent years building a platform fit for this purpose. The platform enables us to deliver the relevant information to each set of stakeholders without giving away critical business data. You are one of those stakeholders, and some of our most successful members have benefited greatly from having this reporting at their fingertips. Kountable will be delivering additional reporting capabilities across the Kountable Trade Network to ensure you tighter collaboration, better execution, better pricing, and continued business growth. 

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