July 21, 2020
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Kountable Capital Solutions: An ecosystem evolved to fund your trades now and into the future


The global pandemic has taught us many things. One of the most surprising lessons the world has learned is how complex global supply chains really are and how challenging international procurement can be. If you’re reading this you already knew that and we at Kountable did too because we learned it from you and other entrepreneurs like you. That’s why we’ve launched Kountable Capital Solutions.

Throughout our history we’ve helped our SME trader partners fulfill contracts in a number of ways. We’ve built technologies, delivered innovative product solutions, consulted on structures, and provided outsourced human capital to extend your team. We know, though, that one of the most significant and impactful roles we’ve played in your businesses is to help source the capital required to procure the inventory and services needed to successfully complete your contracts. To do this we’ve had to be innovative ourselves In our earliest days, we used our own equity. We literally sold shares in our company to help you fulfill your contracts. We learned a lot. Once we had developed and improved our processes, we were able to launch a fund for investors who were focused on the unique combination of impact and financial return. Your success became their success and the collective strength of both our impact and our returns evolved into a large working capital line from a US debt investor structured like a hedge fund. That was a key driver behind your growth and ours. Meanwhile, we had held meaningful conversations with development finance institutions like CDC UK, US DFC, and FMO and mandate-specific funds like Medical Credit Fund looking for quality opportunities to invest their capital according to a specific set of values of development goals. They’re all attracted by the unique opportunities created by the combination of your business and our digital trade platform, and want to put their capital to work when those two strengths are combined. The pandemic has accelerated the focus of aligning investment decisions with values like financial inclusion, sustainable development, resilience in healthcare supply chains, as well as digitization of trade, as this recent ICC global survey that we were asked to contribute to confirms.

Throughout this process, we also learned that we needed the support of local and international banks. Local banks help us with account controls (investors want to know that their money is safe; signing an account control agreement for a trading account attracts investment capital) and currency conversion. International banks help us purchase inventory and global logistics services, and support our compliance with international banking, trade and financial regulations. This unique combination of global and local infrastructure, funds and banks, and impactful and financial returns comes together for you as Kountable Capital Solutions.

With Kountable Capital Solutions we are able to:

  • Source hard currency like dollars and euros from offshore investors to purchase goods and fund your trading activities
  • Match investor preferences to your business opportunities to secure the lowest cost of capital
  • Work with international banks to design programmatic approaches to global opportunities like the COVID-19 response
  • Launch local accounts to segregate customer payments from your general ledger to give investors peace of mind
  • Aggregate the demand of the network to secure institutional currency rates on conversion and design portfolio-level risk management strategies
  • Promote the scale of our membership network to DFIs (development finance institutions), EXIM banks, and development banks who typical only allocate capital in the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars
  • Leverage your ability to deliver on sustainable development, clean energy projects, improved education, improved healthcare delivery, greater connectivity, and clean water and sanitation

Kountable exists to solve the world’s distribution problem and leveraging your success is an important part of doing that. Kountable Capital Solutions exists to ensure that the best opportunities are funded from the best sources of capital to create the best possible outcomes. We define the best outcomes as efficient, effective, values-aligned and profitable— because if it’s profitable you get to do it again. After all, time is money, and the more time you spend doing what you do best, the more money there is. It takes the combination of your business and our platform where digitization and relationships feed one another to get the job done and we’re grateful to count you among our members.

All Pro and Premium Members have access to Kountable Capital Solutions.

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