July 24, 2020
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Kountable Source Assist


Kountable Source Assist leverages the strength of the platform to get our members access to terms and suppliers that are otherwise inaccessible. The Source Assist network is composed of industry-leading global suppliers that have partnered with Kountable to simplify the sourcing process and offer Kountable unique discounts and terms for our members’ trades that put them in the best position for success when placing bids and executing projects.

Kountable is able to establish partnerships with these businesses because of the strength and size of the Kountable platform. Rather than approach them directly with the demand and potential account size of an individual small business, we are able to offer the opportunity to work with many agile, growing entrepreneurs supported by Kountable’s platform. We work with our supplier partners in Kountable Source Assist to negotiate discounted prices, access to their most innovative products and advantageous logistics. In addition to our existing relationships with suppliers, the Kountable trade team researches and evaluates new suppliers when members need to source new goods. Our trade team does the work of vetting and analyzing these suppliers so that our members don’t have to. For our Pro members, this may include matching with an appropriate supplier if the member is looking for one, or offering alternative quotes from suppliers in our network at the bidding stage to help the member find the best option. Premium members can also access proactive sourcing assistance for their current and future anticipated deals, with Kountable searching the global marketplace to find quality options and negotiating the best terms and pricing based on the promise of our whole network vs an individual trade.

At both the Pro and Premium membership levels, members who submit possible projects in the bidding stage will benefit the most from Source Assist. While quicker turnaround times and discounted pricing from our partner suppliers help resellers to better execute trades and maximize profits, the access to innovative and high-quality products make our members’ bids more attractive to the End Customer. Our trade team works with our members to ensure that the supplier has the capability to meet the product specifications, and can be trusted to do so within the expected timeline. In this way, working with a well-known, trustworthy supplier may make the difference in structuring an attractive bid on a contract.

Whether our members utilize Kountable Source Assist to simplify the sourcing process, save time, maximize profits, or structure an attractive bid, our existing relationships with suppliers and ability to facilitate working with new ones is a valuable asset to any reseller doing international trade.

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