July 8, 2020
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Trade Tip: What Makes a Good Logistics Provider?


Logistics providers are an integral part of any trade. They are responsible for transporting and clearing goods, and a single bad link in a chain of otherwise good logistics providers can mean long delays, confusion and the potential loss of revenue. In order to ensure that our members always work with quality, reputable logistics providers, we created this resource that outlines what to look for when choosing clearing agents, shipping and warehousing.

Characteristics of good logistics partners:

  • Experienced - Always work with companies that have been in operation for a number of years.
  • Good Customer Service Team - A professional, knowledgeable and robust customer service team will not only facilitate clear communication, but is a sign of a quality company.
  • Responsive - It is important that logistics partners respond to your messages quickly, and are proactive in providing updates.
  •  Registered with Appropriate Government Agencies - Logistics providers must be registered with government agencies such as the Rwanda Revenue Authority and Kenya Revenue Authority.
  • Established - A global presence is both useful, and a sign of a reputable logistics provider. Minimally, they should operate in the region surrounding your own country of operation.

A good logistics provider will save resellers time by transporting and clearing goods efficiently, and ensuring they arrive at the delivery location on time. Further, this will avoid any tax penalties that may be incurred because of incorrect documentation when goods pass through customs.

Kountable makes it easy for members to find and work with quality logistics providers through the Kountable Fulfillment Network. The Kountable Fulfillment Network is a growing network of vetted logistics providers that we have partnered with in order to offer quality shipping, clearing and warehousing options to help our members easily and efficiently execute trades with trust.

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