July 24, 2020
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Trade Tip: What Makes a Good Supplier?


Finding a good supplier is an important step in every successful trade. Sourcing goods from a supplier that is uncommunicative, slow, or unable to satisfy the product specifications can quickly derail a project. We created this resource to ensure that our members know what to look for when choosing a supplier.

Characteristics of a good supplier

  • Experienced - It is important that the supplier can point to a history of successful trades. These trades may be on the Kountable platform, or with independent resellers, but it is unwise to partner with businesses that lack experience in your industry.
  • Communicative - Your supplier should have a professional customer service team that responds quickly to any questions, and proactively communicates with you.
  • Size - Large global suppliers are often able to offer discounts on quotes from other suppliers. They are also more likely to have logistics networks that can simplify the delivery process for you.
  • Provide Appropriate Business Documents - If your supplier is not already partnered with Kountable, you must verify the legitimacy of their business, affiliates, directors, and past history.
  • Provide Appropriate Financial Documents - Always confirm that the supplier has enough capital to purchase the raw materials to fulfill your contract and actually manufacture your goods. To do this, review their financial documents to ensure they are financially healthy.

Working with a bad supplier can result in delays, low-quality or incorrect products, and sometimes outright fraud. Although finding a good supplier doesn’t guarantee the success of a project, a bad one certainly guarantees its failure.

While the process of finding a good supplier can be long, complicated and time consuming, Kountable can help. Kountable Source Assist leverages the strength of the platform to get our members access to terms and suppliers that are otherwise inaccessible. We save our members time and money by negotiating discounts and advantageous terms on industry-leading, innovative products. Our trade team communicates with suppliers on behalf of our members to simplify the process of choosing a supplier, and to maximize profits on each trade.

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