Asset Management/Investing

Asset Management / Investing

Our team regularly engages in conversations with asset owners and managers from around the world representing banks, family offices, funds and corporations about the various possibilities Kountable’s platform provides to put assets to work. Please contact us if you’d like to meet our team, learn more about how Kountable works and share what you’re looking for that we might be able to solve.

Kountable serves asset managers by:

  • Generating alpha through risk-managed, transparent trades – uncorrelated to your legacy assets – that leverage arbitrage opportunities generated through the risk management our platform affords in markets where information asymmetries that don’t apply inside of Kountable’s platform are typically priced into transactions. The short duration of Kountable's trades, their uncompromising returns, and the high visibility we have from end to end make them a very attractive high-impact investment.
  • Offering the possibility of bespoke baskets of trades built to match asset owners’ preferences and constraints, not only around SDG or ESG or impact concerns, but also by industry, jurisdiction, geography, type or size of project or other variables.
  • Providing asset-level and portfolio-level reporting. Kountable’s auditable, secure data supports regular reporting on adherence to ESG or other constraints, modeling of portfolios, tracking performance and making informed decisions.
  • If you’re an asset management company with an ESG or Impact mandate, Kountable has the data that allows you to do governance, assessments, and due diligence on which projects to back.

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