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ESG Strategy and Execution for Active Portfolio Managers seeking to mitigate exposure to third party GRC investment risks

Impact investors globally are investing earlier and deploying more capital into private companies founded with an ESG purpose and governed by sustainable investment criteria. They, along with global asset management firms and donor funds face greater requirements for governance, risk measurement and compliance (GRC) across their investment portfolios. At the same time, purpose-led SDG and ESG-led founders have a growing need to provide transparency, integrity and auditability for their sustainability programs and projects. At the core of Kountable ESG Execution Services and Soutions is the framework Kountable has developed for addressing third party risk for fund managers and their clients. Kountable’s provides software, services and tools to ensure that the supply chains and distribution networks of the Fortune 1000 are aligned with these ESG principles and the  UN Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs)

Kountable has been learning from its relationships with organizations like the World Bank, the Global Fund and UNOPS for five years. The resulting combination of dynamic supply chain matching and visibility, cloud based treasury management features and real-time financial reporting technology built into its platform creates a unique system of record that can deliver transparency, governance, risk management and compliance to the substantial capital flowing into the Global South to achieve the SDGs. 

Kountable can deliver the governance and compliance which, when lacking, limit the amount of capital flowing into these initiatives. Sustainable investors want reliable assurance that their capital creates regenerative economic outcomes and Kountable’s data analytics and business intelligence can prove those outcomes in relative real time. To Kountable, ESG Execution means that all aspects of the project, funding and oversight adhere to the mandates and standards set by the investment groups and their partners, including:

  • sourcing
  • quality and integrity of the provenance of the goods 
  • distribution networks
  • recipients of capital

From a GRC perspective, the entire process and all related practices are forensically auditable. 

Kountable was built to deliver ESG results and link those results back to the capital source responsible for them.

Creating the virtuous cycle that comes from measuring progress toward the SDGs has been part of Kountable’s mission since the very beginning. Chris Hale, Kountable’s CEO and Founder, owns its ESG program and will be supported by Kountable’s ESG lead, Thijs Boekhoff, out of Kountable’s European office in The Hague, Netherlands. Chris comes from a family office asset management background, and has consulted to innovative cloud technology providers to bring transparency to portfolio management, trading and reporting across global asset classes. He founded Kountable to bring the same level of transparency and governance to funding and achieving the SDGs. The accountability needed to achieve the SDGs is so innate to what Kountable is that it’s in the name of the company. To be “Kountable” is to sign up to be measured, or able to be counted. 

In Europe, Boekhoff co-founded, built and lead a successful strategy and innovation consulting company in healthcare and clean energy. Upon moving to the United States, he became a technology leader in the healthcare space, who spearheaded the entry of several digital healthcare companies into the US market as a consultant and entrepreneur, building successful partnerships with industry leaders like Kaiser Permanente, Stanford, Brookdale and Apple. 

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