Project Execution


Project delivery in Africa harnessing the power of Kountable-partner SMEs

Kountable can be your full-service local execution partner to efficiently and safely coordinate procurement and delivery through the best local SMEs. Kountable partners with the best local businesses to deliver on your needs efficiently and sustainably. It combines the best of local knowledge with global enterprise level data transparency and security for effective project management and auditable reporting and compliance. 

As every project and every foundation is different, Kountable begins every project with a foundation with a discovery process where we learn about your organization, any partners who are already involved and the project, and its goals, budget and critical success factors. From there, if we both decide there’s a fit, we will generally move to the stage of an MOU or occasionally more directly to a Scope of Work and then a contract if the project timelines are tight and immediate.  

On some occasions, we have also been approached by foundations who already had a project in progress which had run into an obstacle around procurement that the existing team was unable to overcome. An example might be a vital piece of equipment caught at the border due to a dispute over payment of fees. In such cases, Kountable is happy to step in and provide one-off or custom packaged services from our menu of trade facilitation services in order to get the project back on track. Another example might be when a deal falls through or a supplier backs out leaving your team on the ground in need of vital equipment or supplies with very short deadlines. Kountable’s team is both resourceful and nimble, and for organizations already registered and validated on our platform, we can spring into action quickly. This is a reason why you might choose to sign up with us even if you don’t yet have a project you’d like to work on with us. The process is simple and requires only that you submit basic information about your organization.

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