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Project Delivery in Africa Harnessing the Power of Kountable-partner SMEs

Many multinational corporations face challenges in accepting large proposals that involve local SMEs in execution at scale. Whether it’s installing 5G across Africa or meeting local content requirements or ESG, SDG or CSR commitments for US-based companies, Kountable can help you find the right partners, manage them in the aggregate, and support their success in delivering what you need on time and at the right price. Kountable brings quality vetting and matching, enterprise grade ERP data and security, financial and treasury management, detailed milestone reporting and custom analytics to meet your needs to integrate SME-executed contracts and tasks into your existing project management and financial reporting structures. 

How Kountable, Market Maker, works for OEMs:

  • Increases sales volumes and unlocks liquidity to open new market opportunity
 where OEMs have historically found it difficult to transact:
  • Accelerates sales cycle and market penetration by removing excessive funding and trade management challenges from resellers struggling in capital-constrained 
markets with asymmetrical information, freeing them up to win and execute more and 
bigger contracts to sell more OEM product as they grow their businesses and 
become better entrepreneurs.
  • Introduces OEMs to high-quality, trusted, validated local resellers with demonstrated 
sales and execution ability, deep understanding of local demand and quality local customers for their products.
  • Enables improved utilization of OEMs’ working capital while selling to markets that have historically suffered from capital constraints: With Kountable, timely payment is either upfront, through standard LOC or on commercial terms to a U.S.-based entity.
  • Provides first class fraud prevention through proprietary tools and processes.

“We lost 30% of our sales because of the problem you’re solving”
— A Fortune 500 Company

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