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Research & Analytics

Research & Analytics

As the first company gathering detailed ERP quality data about SME-executed transactions at scale, Kountable will be able to offer governments, MNCs, foundations, banks and NGOs unique insight into factors affecting SME success, supply chain efficiency, trade, aggregated demand, and economic growth. Kountable is committed to data sovereignty and providing much needed insight to accelerate progress towards efficient markets that fully engage the productive value creation and wealth generation potential of a vibrant SME sector.

Kountable’s novel data set includes brand new data on SMEs previously invisible to the global trade network. It opens and aperture into the last mile of supply chain in developing economies and includes detailed behavioral data from SME partners over the course of project planning, bidding, acquisition and execution. Our data science team is currently working with this data set to build and train models that improve our ability to manage financial and FX risks and inform business decisions using machine learning and predictive algorithms.

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