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Kountable takes the complexity out of global trade so you can focus on growth.

Many entrepreneurs have joined Kountable to get access to better options to solve their funding challenges. In addition to our approach to funding deals, in which we partner with you to purchase the goods on your behalf and get paid back by your end customer, Kountable offers the following trade services:

Identity Management: Be recognized for your track record and accomplishments

  • Global suppliers, banks, funders, and trade service providers often find it difficult to know who the best companies are to work with, especially if they are unfamiliar with your market.
  • Kountable aggregates your performance history, transaction history with us, and other data that you share with us that demonstrates your track record as a successful business and can present that back to global markets, investors, and potential credit providers on your behalf to let them know you are a company they should work with.
  • Banks, global suppliers and large buyers also treat businesses differently because they’re part of Kountable's network. Our partners know that Kountable only works with high quality entrepreneurs and that you are one of them.

Learn the art of structuring better deals

  • Our team and platform will work with you to structure the best contracts so you maximize your profit and avoid problems in the execution phases of the deal. Kountable's app has a Deal Calculator tool that allows you to enter the basic information for a deal you're working on and immediately receive the projected margin, taking into account complex factors like currency depreciation.
  • The best practices that come with experience in international trading are embedded in our model which makes it easy to learn new ways to get even better at what you do.

Sourcing Suppliers

  • If you don't already have great suppliers or want to find additional suppliers Kountable can help.
  • We can provide introductions to quality global brands and get manufacturer’s authorizations for certification that goods came directly from the manufacturer for you.

Commercial Terms

  • With some suppliers, Kountable can help you get commercial terms to decrease your capital costs.

Letters of Support

  • For businesses who have done trades with us in the past, Kountable will, on request, write a letter of support to a global supplier to help you get a proforma invoice from that supplier to use to bid on a contract.

Full Suite of Financial Accounting Services for the Trade

  • Most of our resellers do not have their trade transactions professionally codified in an accounting system. 
  • When you work with us, we do it by design and it is an output of our platform.

Reporting to Revenue Authorities

  • On request, we will provide you with output from our system to meet reporting requirements and compliance with your revenue authority.

Collections Support

  • If necessary, our team can help you collect from end customers, or create the sense of urgency necessary for you to collect from end customers and let them know you're working with Kountable.

Credit Reporting

  • The vast majority of financial activity of global traders is not captured anywhere, which means no one is giving you credit for your excellent track record.
  • Kountable captures that track record and reports it back to the local credit authority to enhance your bankability.

Currency Management

  • If you’re a trader in Africa sourcing globally, for example, you need to source multiple types of currency and manage each of those currencies against your local currency over time. Currency management for international trade deals can be very complex.
  • As a part of our service, Kountable brings our currency management expertise to your deals. Our team works with you to properly structure and manage the execution of your deals, thinking through all the currency aspects to minimize the risk of currency issues eating into your profits.

Multi-bank, Cloud-based Global Treasury

  • Kountable takes care of all the payments aspects of your deal with a managed treasury system so you don't have to manage that complexity.
  • Our team will pay suppliers out of the US, collect in your local market, reconcile across that global banking infrastructure, create an invoice to you that synthesizes all that information and then complete the transaction with you.
  • All these activities are recorded securely in our system and the payment activities are available through our app or in other formats should you need them for reporting purposes.

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