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The Kountable Fulfillment Network

The Kountable Fulfillment Network is an ecosystem of logistics providers and services. We have curated the network to support our members from the bidding stage through to delivery of the product to the End Customer. We have taken a holistic approach to logistics, which enables us to manage the entire process with transparent, visible data and communication from end-to-end.

Each component, each actor, in a project is responsible for only a segment of the larger process. From transportation to the port of departure, shipping to the port of entry, clearance, last-mile logistics and insurance along the way, there are many points at which responsibility for the goods switches hands. If these transfers are to be seamless and efficient, there must be an actor with a view of the entire process from end-to-end who manages and coordinates the logistics providers throughout the project. Our members are capable of doing this work, but not without expending valuable time and effort, both of which are in short supply for every entrepreneur. The Kountable Fulfillment Network simplifies logistics for our members, alleviating a major burden, while ensuring they only work with high-quality partners.

We created this ecosystem of logistics providers to give our members an advantage over their competitors. Providing our members with legitimate, trustworthy logistics partners at every stage of the delivery process allows them to spend their time finding new contracts and growth opportunities, rather than managing current projects. Building so much confidence in our network does not happen quickly, and all of our partners go through the same rigorous process. All of our partners are logistics providers that we have worked with extensively, and identified as efficient and capable businesses. Once identified as possible partners, they go through an extensive vetting process, and finally, we negotiate with them to provide our members with the most advantageous terms for executing each project. Every partner in the Kountable Fulfillment Network is communicative, professional, provides superior service and has been thoroughly vetted.

Our network of logistics providers covers every step of the fulfillment process to ensure that goods get from the factory to the end customer securely, on time and can be tracked the entire time. The Kountable Fulfillment Network provides:

  • Packaging
  • Export Preparation
  • Shipping (air, sea, ground)
  • Freight forwarding
  • Cargo handling and labor
  • Freight insurance
  • Tax compliance
  • Clearing
  • Documentation requirements
  • Cargo tracking (end-to-end visibility)
  • Customer Support
  • Warehousing

Simplifying the fulfillment process for our members not only saves them money and assists them in better executing existing contracts, it saves them valuable time, which they can use to find new projects and grow their businesses. Ultimately, this is the purpose of the Kountable platform: to simplify international trading and help our members grow. The platform is equipped to scale alongside our members, allowing them to execute bigger projects and work on simultaneous projects with greater confidence.

Kountable is for entrepreneurs who know how to deliver and want to grow.

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