Kountable is pushing entrepreneurial growth in Rwanda.

Rwanda is one of the fastest growing players in the global economy, and Kountable is one of the first companies trying to alleviate the finance gap that is bottlenecking growth.

With fair trade financing, Kountable is enabling Rwandan entrepreneurs, one deal at a time.  Get the free Kountable app for iOS or Android, and build your small business profile today!

Rwandan GDP – 1990 to Present

(Numbers shown in USD)

One of the Fastest Growing Economies in the World.

Since the turbulent 1990’s, Rwanda and the region around it has not only recovered, but thrived, mostly through the combined effects of small business entrepreneurship arising in the country.  Here are some key facts about Rwanda’s growth:

  • Rwanda’s GDP has grown at an average rate of 8% each year since 2001, making it one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and poverty is shrinking at similar rates.
  • A vast majority of the growth can be attributed to the efforts of small business owners everywhere
  • However, the greatest obstacle facing further private sector growth in Rwanda is attaining financing for larger trade deals and sales.  This is where Kountable comes in.

rugero-medRwandan entrepreneur, Patrick Higiro talks about the role Kountable plays in his medical equipment business.

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“Within one month of working with kountable we were able to hire more employees and are on track to hit a target increase of 65% year over year growth. Working with kountable has increased the confidence of my customers and encouraged us to go after opportunities we previously would not have considered.”

Managing Director, Africa Medical Supplier
Financed $500,000 for medical trade deal

The Kountable benefit

How big of a difference can Kountable make?  Here is a comparison between Kountable and traditional financing.  Both are $100,000 deals where the cost of goods is $30,000 and the term of the financing is 3 months.