Why Kountable

Kountable set out to create a better solution for the many challenges facing suppliers whose growth depends on importing goods.

High Quality Goods at the Best Prices

Leverage Kountable’s buying power and get access to the best pricing from world-class suppliers.

No Collateral, Less Stress

Kountable partners with you to buy the goods directly from your supplier so you don’t have to finance the purchase of what you’re selling before you get paid.

Trade Management Support

Work with a team who understands global trade and will help you with the logistics to deliver your project on time. Contact us by phone, email or chat—we’re ready to help.

The requests we were having from our main clients, we couldn’t supply them. We were having a big financial problem.

Angeline Wibabara

Managing Director, ATIC

How a Trade Works

Fulfillment Need

You won a contract that needs to be fulfilled within a given time.

Fulfillment Met

Kountable will buy high quality goods from world class suppliers on your behalf.

Tender Shipped

We help your trade progress more smoothly and safely with access to world-class logistics, procurement, trade management and insurance.


Upon successful completion of the project, we receive payment directly from your end customer and deliver most of the profit back to you, minus our reasonable fees.

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