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Kountable helped this small business grow by 177% in two years.

Imagine being limited only by your own ambition...

Your business involves procuring goods to deliver on contracts with quality buyers. You know your industry, your products and possess the technical expertise to execute at a high level. You're known delivering reliably even under challenging circumstances. You're proud of the work you do for your customers and know you can do more.

Now imagine if you had a super-intelligent digital assistant who followed you and your team around, took in all the documents, contracts and bits of info that are parts of each project you do and turned them into organized, useful data accessible anytime from your phone or laptop. And besides that, it also routed that to a team of experts who were dedicated to optimizing your projects, finding you partners for funding, sourcing, logistics, insurance, bonding and whatever you need to execute at the highest level, taking care of payments to your suppliers and service providers and freeing you up to sell, deliver and delight your customers as you grow your revenues and profits.

This is Trade Cloud—a remarkably accessible platform to digitize and solve for the biggest challenges in your business, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

"Working with Kountable has increased the confidence of my customers and encouraged us to go after opportunities we previously would not have considered."

Fabrice Shema

Managing Director of Africa Medical Supplier

Trade Cloud is your gateway to Kountable's solutions to the toughest obstacles facing your business.

Simplify Complexity

“Obtaining insurance for my goods in transit is too expensive.”
Kountable connects you with world class insurance options to safely and affordably move your goods.
“It’s a challenge to move goods out of customs in a timely manner.”
Clear your goods through customs faster by utilizing our pre-vetted clearance agent partnerships.
“I face many complexities and often lose money when working on a deal with multiple, fluctuating currencies.”
Kountable provides you with your very own currency management team of experts to assure you properly structure and manage the execution of your global currency project. With our team, source and manage multiple currencies against your own over time with greater ease so you don’t lose any more profit to currency-related issues.
“Meeting compliance and revenue authority requirements is a hassle.”
The best practices that come with experience in international trading are embedded in our model. As a part of the Kountable platform, we can provide on request, reporting requirements and compliance with your revenue authority.
“Managing invoices and the finances of a project entails many complexities.”
When you work with us, we take care of all payment aspects of your deal through a managed treasury system so you don’t have to. Our platform securely records all payment transaction activities and gives you a running log of those payments.

Grow Your Business

“I struggle to execute on bigger business opportunities.”
Kountable removes many of the challenges and stresses of bidding on and winning bigger contracts. Whether it's anxiety over financing, cash flow, access to quality suppliers, service providers or goods, or the risk of doing a deal that is large compared to your balance sheet, our experienced team and partners can help. Access exclusive contracts only available to members on the Kountable platform.
“I can't find timely, affordable financing to procure required goods.”
Working through Kountable Trade Cloud actually makes your deals more appealing to funders by increasing transparency and ensuring that risks are minimized as our team works with you to build and execute a well-crafted project. As a result, our funding partners can often say "yes" when other funders say "no". And the data on your success that gets generated and stored in Trade Cloud makes it easy for them to say "let's do it again!" so you can gain traction.
“I often don’t know what my end profit margin will be on a contract.”
Our expert team will help you structure the best contracts and project plans so you maximize your profit and avoid problems in the execution phases of the deal. Kountable offers you the ability to calculate basic information for your project and immediately receive the projected margin, taking into account complex factors like currency depreciation. Know your profit before you even bid on a contract and keep track as you execute.
“I frequently experience delays in getting paid by my end customers.”
Delayed payment is frustrating, especially if you need to get paid for one project in order to begin the next. With Kountable, you don't need to wait to get paid for one project to pay for or get credit for the next. Execute at speed knowing that each deal will be considered on its own merits and take control of your growth back.  

Gain Visibility

“I need proof that I can obtain and sell the goods required in my contracts.”
For businesses who have done trades with us in the past, Kountable will, on request, write a letter of support to a global supplier to help you get a proforma invoice from that supplier to use to bid on a contract. We can also suggest other suppliers in our network who may provide similar quality goods and be more amenable to working together.
“I struggle to gain recognition from multinational suppliers and banks.”
Kountable tracks and displays to you your performance and transaction history and other data you share with us that demonstrates your track record as a successful business. This data is not only useful to help you run your business, you can also share it to demonstrate to potential partners that you're a company they want to work with. Institutional partners know what Kountable member businesses are capable of because we can prove it with data.
“I need to secure reputable suppliers of goods.”
Global suppliers recognize the value of Kountable Platform members. They know that Kountable only works with high quality small businesses who deliver and that you are one of the best. Kountable also provides introductions to quality global brands and can help you get manufacturer authorizations for certification that goods came directly from the manufacturer for you.

Kountable is for entrepreneurs who know how to deliver and want to grow

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