Trade Finance & Governance Initiative:Diabetes products and COVID-19 AgRDTs

Pooled Procurement/Medical Distributor Matching/Access to LTAs

Conceived to optimize diagnostic medical supply chains, improve governance, and reduce high costs of financing

FIND, the global alliance for diagnostics, and Kountable, a global trade and technology platform, have launched a new initiative to address challenges faced by procurement bodies related to governance, risk, liquidity, and the high costs of working capital. The trade finance and governance initiative aims to promote transparency and governance within procurement of diabetes products (blood glucose monitors, syringes, lancets, and strips) and COVID-19 AgRDTs. It also aims to pool demand of diabetes product orders and COVID-19 AgRDTs to reduce out-of-pocket costs for buyers.

High-quality Diabetes and COVID-19 AgRDTs Product Procurement

Kountable works to procure diabetes supplies from high-quality manufacturers with SRA/local registration and WHO approved COVID AgRDTs at lower prices to buyers. Save money while affording high-quality products.

East Africa Market Experience

Kountable has supported over $27 million in sales of high-quality medical products from top suppliers including Becton Dickinson, Roche, Abbott, Medtronic, and Thomas Scientific in Africa since 2015.

Increased sales through diabetes patients as customers

  • Kountable can help your business to provide more product options to customers of high-quality glucose testing supplies
  • Enhance pharmacy or clinic reputation by being a leading diabetes product destination
  • Provide special product packages for diabetic patients to increase sales

Cost savings passed to customers and pharmacy gains favorable market reputation

  • Special pricing and access to high-quality products through Kountable result in cost savings to procurement teams, which can be passed down to customers

Improve COVID-19 diagnosis through WHO-approved AgRDTs

  • Kountable can help your business access LTApricing for World Health Organization approvedCOVID-19 AgRDTs

Current supported tests include

  • SD Biosensor Standard Q COVID-19 Ag Test
  • Abbott Panbio COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test Device
  • Abbott Panbio COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test Device
  • Premier Medical Corporation Sure Status
    COVID-19 Antigen Card Test

Contact us to learn how your business can participate in this program:

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Kenya: +254 705 457 597
WhatsApp: +1 415 881 4665