Asset Management

Kountable is building a technology business to support asset owners at scale

Kountable serves asset managers with a mandate in ESG or impact by:

  • Generating alpha for investors through ESG, SDG and Impact focused risk-managed, transparent trades. Our trades leverage arbitrage opportunities generated through the risk mitigation our platform affords in markets where information asymmetries that don’t apply inside of Kountable’s platform are typically priced into transactions. As an example, our data on trades we've executed shows an average gross margin on last mile delivery from the port to the end customer of 72%.
  • Offering the possibility of bespoke baskets of trades built to match asset owners’ preferences, particularly around SDG or ESG concerns such as green bond allocations, healthcare, education or infrastructure building, geography, type or size of project and gender of business owner to name a few.
  • Kountable’s auditable, secure data allows for real time API-based access to ESG and financial data to model portfolios, make selections, track performance and report to your clientele and auditors. The short duration of Kountable’s trades and the high visibility we have from end to end, along with uncompromising returns on a high-impact investment, also make them an attractive option.

Kountable began by originating assets off our own balance sheet and through a small proof-of-concept fund so we could build and test our trade model and build the platform to give asset managers access this exciting new global market opportunity. Our provenance in the asset management world runs deep through our founding team and lead investor. Founder and CEO, Chris Hale, built one of the most successful RIAs in the U.S. while the idea for Kountable was gestating. We’re pleased to have the data to prove his initial thesis that entrepreneurs in emerging markets doing important work can be made investible at scale through a technology platform.

Contact our San Francisco office to discuss how Kountable  can provide you with a distinctive, customizable product that ticks many of the boxes investors are most looking for today.

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