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Kountable is working to bring digital treasury for SMEs to enterprise

In developing our business in three-party trade (involving small and medium enterprises [SMEs] who buy from large global suppliers to fulfill contracts with large buyers), Kountable developed a robust payment factory to manage the end-to-end funds flows of these transactions. We’re now pleased to be nearing the point where we can offer this ability to our corporate clients, enabling these types of SME-involved transactions to be seamlessly integrated into your existing digital treasury operations and ERP systems. This provides secure, fully auditable, end-to-end tracking and management of goods and funds flows including notifications of state changes triggering treasury events, where without Kountable, the data stream would go dark as soon as the SME became responsible for the goods.

Kountable believes that its Treasury Cloud product will be a game changer for enterprises interested in developing and funding supply chains that include a network of value-added resellers, distributors, or local installers who are SMEs. Some of the biggest opportunities in developing markets run into major execution challenges when treasurers are asked to blindly finance an unproven supply chain. With Treasury Cloud, these projects can be planned, tracked, financed and executed with full visibility using your existing treasury management tools and integrated systems.

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