Foundation Management

Your in-country execution partner in East Africa and beyond

Kountable's team and platform gives you a knowledgeable in-country procurement, localization and operations partner for successful, sustainable management and efficient, auditable execution of your foundation's projects. Kountable listens to your needs and top priorities and vets and qualifies the local small businesses who have the knowledge, subject matter expertise, and execution capabilities you need to bring in the high quality goods and services to build your project on time and on budget. Our direct procurement program combined with our unique partnerships with local SMEs, bring you the best of local capability combined with the best pricing on world class inputs, logistics and last-mile support, with a single source of real-time, enterprise-quality data and reporting to track it all. With our eyes on the project from end to end, you can see exactly what's going on at any point. Kountable helps with planning and problem solving and brings its expertise to bear should unforeseen events threaten timing or budgets. We want to help you build projects with quality partnerships, processes, transparency and visibility from end to end so you can tell not just the great story of what you accomplished but also of how well it was done. 

Whether you're building a facility, delivering medical equipment or supplies, providing infrastructure or technology, Kountable's proven ability to deliver can help you scale your efforts, make the best use of your funds and measurably improve your impact with the data to prove it.

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Contact us today if you have upcoming projects in East Africa to see how we’re helping others in the region plan for and deliver on success. Our local teams on the ground in Rwanda and Kenya would be happy to talk to you.

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