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Kountable unlocks opportunity for MNCs and OEMs in developing markets with market intelligence, execution capability and never before available data, in one secure package

Kountable wants to act as your execution partner in underserved markets to deliver on and discover large scale opportunities that satisfy your growth, ESG, SDG and impact goals efficiently and profitably. 

Say yes to large scale projects that require the work of high-performance, qualified local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for execution, even in challenging markets. We’re building our platform to bring you access to the best in-market talent—carefully vetted SMEs who are proven executers—along with project management, trade management, logistics and treasury support all together in a single point of contact with secure, auditable data flows that your ERP can consume through APIs. Kountable’s platform is aiming squarely at managing what has been a deal-killing level of complexity and data blindness for many a multinational looking to finance and execute large infrastructure projects in Africa. The ability to track and report on ESG and SDG factors that result from working with SMEs is a byproduct of the data our system records as we manage these transactions for you.

The visibility we have through our network of all-star reseller SMEs can also be used to aggregate demand in markets where data is scarce. In short, Kountable often knows who wants your products before you do, and who has the money to pay for them in emerging markets. Our major areas of focus are IT, healthcare and infrastructure development, including energy and telecoms as well as major building and construction projects. We’ve purchased from major telcos, hardware manufacturers, systems providers, medical suppliers, and manufacturers and distributors of thousands of other products for central governments, ministries, foundations, multilateral institutions and large private builders. Our visibility to contracts and ability to validate and evaluate them at the earliest stages gives us the ability to capture real demand cycles, not merely desire or interest. This visibility into the “demand chain” allows Kountable to create buy-side efficiencies that a supply-based approach can never match. 

These are just a sample of the advantages being on Kountable’s platform provides to OEMs and multinationals.

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