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Kountable makes it easier to manage, fund and audit buying and selling through smaller resellers

We see trade as a fully integrated network where trust, transparency, identity and visibility are crucial to its success. Kountable is a global trade and technology platform that works with governments, NGOs and high-value private purchasers across Africa and in the US to source directly and supply products and materials from reliable, pre-screened global suppliers. Our platform combines global and local experts with cloud-based technology to enable sourcing, compliance including ESG and SDG reporting for those looking to increase the sustainability or social impact of their supply chains, milestone tracking, document management, goods specification controls and project consultancy.

While many solutions promise end-to-end supply chain visibility for B2B transactions between enterprise level customers, Kountable is pleased to be the first to offer true end-to-end visibility for transactions involving a small business (SME) reseller in the middle between a larger seller and buyer. Kountable does this by partnering with the SME to bring ERP-grade visibility to the SME portion of the transaction. In most 3-party trades, the seller’s ERP system will cover the first portion of the trade (say to the port if it is CIF) and the buyer’s ERP system will pick up the transaction once the goods are delivered through the payment of the invoice. The period in between when the SME is in charge of the goods is devoid of data and the two transactions on either end are disconnected. Kountable, standing in the middle with the SME, is able to see and record the whole trade from end to end. End to end data allows suppliers to see exactly where their goods have gone and procurement officers to see exactly where their goods are. It also makes Kountable the natural global system of record for these kinds of transactions.

Kountable provides access to a network of vetted, qualified top-performing SMEs supported by our platform’s trade management and services. Our SME partner network in Africa includes experts in medical supply, structural engineering, telecoms engineering, construction, IT, Ag tech, green energy, waste management and many other specialties. 

Kountable reduces the risk and complexity of doing business in emerging markets by working with vetted and trusted partners, aligning incentives for success and applying our learning to prevent fraud and resolve problems quickly. Data integration into ERPs, digital treasury systems and other enterprise systems of record makes integrating SMEs into your supply chain or procurement plans, whether for local content requirements, sustainability or social impact, local expertise or simple practicality, more approachable than ever.

If you are a global OEM or multinational supplier who would like to increase your market access through Kountable’s platform and its vetted network of quality resellers and contractors, please give us a little more information about your business and products here (3 minutes to complete) and we’ll contact you.

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